Customized Job Interview Training

My Interview Training offers personalized career coaching services.  We customize the information to fit your individual needs and experience level, and create a learning schedule that works best for you.

We understand that each client is unique.  By working directly with you, we are able to focus on your specific area(s) of interest and work on areas in your career that concern you the most.  No matter your situation, we care deeply about each and every client and we work diligently to help guide you as you prepare for your next interview.

Privacy and confidentiality are paramount.  The interview process is already stressful enough and it often has to be done in a way that will not compromise your existing position.  We appreciate these sensitivities and work to protect your privacy and personal information.  The information you provide us will not be shared directly or indirectly with others nor any third parties. Any examples we give during the trainings are generalized for teaching purposes and a clients’ anonymity remains intact.

To begin, we start with an initial email, call, or video/audio call to discuss your interests, needs, and timeline.  Based on your specialized needs, we customize a program that is best for you, utilizing communication forms such as email, phone, video calls [Facetime, Skype, Tango], and/or face-to-face meetings. Once again, our goal is to best serve your needs and make the learning experience as friendly, personalized, and confidential as possible.

We have worked with executives, occupational therapists, nurses, sales directors, physical therapists, high school students, college students, mothers returning to the workforce, and more.  Some wanted to discuss answering interview questions, most wanted us to review and freshen up their resumes, and we spent time working with each of them on their LinkedIn profiles.

The reality is that you are already great! We simply highlight your strengths, teach you the secrets of successful personal interaction, and give you the confidence to go after and get the career you want to fulfill your destiny.

Here is a list of our prices:

Career Coaching Fees:

  • Resume review and editing – $75 per resume
    • You provide a current and accurate resume as a starting point and we then help you highlight your strengths as well as format the document to meet today’s standards for Applicant Tracking System requirements.
  • Training and discussion on topics other than your resume:
    • $45 per half hour (30 minutes) of training (phone or video one-on-one conferences.)
  • Comprehensive Training Package Program:
    • $350 for a total of 4 hours of training over a pre-determined schedule that best fits your needs (phone, video, or face-to-face if you are within a 60 mile radius of our training locations). We cover all aspects and materials of the total interview process, help customize your resume, practice mock interviews with you, and target the training around your specific questions and concerns. Plus, you get a FREE copy of our online video training program: How to get the job you want!.  This package has a total retail value of $480, but we offer it at a 27% discount for clients wishing to have a holistic, comprehensive, and personalized career coaching experience.  We want you to succeed!

We encourage you to contact us today and let us help you get ready for the next successful chapter of your life!