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This two-volume, 21 chapter edition of My Interview Training’s Instructor’s Manual is designed for teachers to instruct by chapter and exercise module, and monitor a students’ progress throughout the program. The materials are meant specifically for high school students to help them develop the processes and procedures needed to interview effectively for any job or higher educational admittance presentation, while boosting their self-confidence, can-do attitude, and determination to succeed.’

Instructors Manual Details:

  • [1] Color printed copy of the full program:
    • 870 pages printed two-sided in color
    • Chapters 1-9 are in the first 3 ring binder and Chapters 10-21 are in the second binder.
  • Teaching Guide by chapter:
    • Chapter overview and summaries for each form, exercise, and video included in the program.
    • Suggested Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities for each chapter of the program. We recommend a 17 week/unit teaching program per our suggested activities.
  • Videos:
    • 42 professionally produced tutorial videos to enhance the learning experience for students.
    • A file with all video YouTube links in chronological order to help with organization and ease of teaching preparation.
  • Forms:
    • Master copies of all forms and questionnaires are included in the program. These can be used for class exercises or homework purposes. They can be printed or emailed.
  • c.d.:
    • A c.d. is included that provides Chapter Overviews, Video Information and Forms. These documents are in PDF read-only formats.

Note: The Instructor’s Manual does not include an electronic copy of the High School enhanced e-book. International Copyright infringement laws prohibit and prevent data sharing of e-books that are not purchased. E-books may be purchased separately from the website or by contacting My Interview Training directly. Your organization is able to buy individual copies for all students.

We offer discounted rates for group purchases of the e-book for qualifying schools, organizations, and local, regional, and national educational associations.

Instructor’s Manual Price Per Unit:

$200.00 (includes shipping and applicable taxes.)

NOTE: This price includes all information listed above but excludes Reprintables. See below for more information.

The Instructor’s Manual may be purchased with a purchase order, company or individual check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.)

Once payment is received, the two-volume manual is shipped via book-rate ground services for all U.S. Domestic locations (unless alternate shipping routes are requested, at applicable carrier rates).

International shipping rates (specific to the country) will be quoted at the time of order placed.

Reprintables Package:

$25.00 (includes shipping and applicable taxes.)

For an additional $25, your organization can get a master printed copy of all forms and exercises, without hole-punches and in full color, to use for handout and reprinting purposes. This is an additional fee and Reprintables are not included in the $200 rate for the Instructors Manual.

For further information or special requests, please contact:
Jessica Stuart
Managing Director
My Interview Training, L.L.C.