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My Interview Training - High School Edition
High School Edition

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What they will learn:

This program will help improve the skills high school students need to interview effectively for any job or higher educational admittance presentations, and will boost their self-confidence, can-do attitude, and determination to succeed.

Here are just a few of the things they will learn:

  • How to ‘narrow’ their job or career choices, and focus their efforts on what is important
  • How to decide on a specific job, what they must think about in their decisions, and where to look for the best work opportunities
  • How to ‘Research, Prepare, and Practice’ to GET an interview
  • How to write and prepare a resume that highlights their accomplishments, even though they have limited work experience
  • An understanding of the importance of references, work history, and background checks
  • How to dress, groom, and present themselves appropriately for any interview
  • How to make the ‘right’ impression the FIRST time!
  • How to write and present their “Time to Shine” presentation to answer the question, “So tell me about yourself?”
  • What ‘questions to ask’ and ‘answers to give’ in an interview
  • How to ‘ask for the job!’
  • How to accept a job… How to decline a job…
  • How to prepare for their first day and year on the job!
  • How to succeed in the workplace and avoid pitfalls as they move forward