How to Get the Job You Want

Preview How to Get the Job You Want

What you will learn:

How to get the job you want is a 3 hour and 53 minute online video training program designed to help you prepare for a successful job interview.

Watch as Laurence, program author, and Jessica, Managing Director of My Interview Training, explain what you must do before you begin the interview process, and how to be ready to answer questions and present yourself professionally after you enter the interview room door and sit face-to-face with people who will decide if you are the right person for their company.

This program is designed with all audiences and experience levels in mind. It prepares you for the entire interview process but also allows you to focus on specific topics and areas of interest, which can be helpful for those looking to simply brush up on their interviewing skills.

How to get the job you want is divided into 21 chapters. Each segment has the main teaching video as well as corresponding attachments of additional demonstration videos and learning exercises to enrich the lessons. It truly is a comprehensive e-training program, and the goal is to give you the tools and confidence you need to get the job you want!

We offer this program for individuals through Udemy, an online e-learning marketplace, which allows you to watch videos at your own speed and schedule, complete learning exercises, and track your progress.

Program Features:

  • 3.5+ hours of high quality video training 
  • 21 chapters covering everything about interviewing 
  • 50+ attachments of additional learning resources 
  • Tools and resources for exploring career choices 
  • Where to find a job 
  • Resume templates 
  • Sample cover letters 
  • How to dress and groom appropriately for any interview 
  • Commonly asked questions with recommended answers 
  • Job Fair guides 
  • Soft skills training: conquering nerves, shaking hands, introducing oneself 
  • How to succeed in the first 2 minutes of an interview 
  • LinkedIn Tips 
  • Sample thank you emails 
  • How to negotiate your salary & much, much more!

Group Sales:

How to get the job you want is great for individuals as well as organizations aimed at helping people gain employment.  The program can be used for:

  • Student training
  • Employee training
  • Client gifts
  • Recruiting efforts
  • Community outreach
  • New product offerings

Through Travitor’s Learning Management’s System, organizations are able to train groups of users and monitor their progress.  You are able to customize the program to showcase your organization’s specific colors, logo and branding, have participants answer test questions, and even use reporting features.

Discounted prices are offered to all group sales for organizations such as:

  • State Workforce Commissions or State Labor Departments for the training of persons in need of work
  • State Educational School Boards for instruction to high school students
  • University, Community College and Technical School Career Centers for attending students
  • Recruiting firms to help prepare their candidates before interviewing
  • Human resource departments
  • Corporations looking to prepare their job interview candidates, i.e. job fairs, college recruiting efforts, etc., or to simply give back to their local communities
  • Church or non-profit groups who provide outreach programs for out-of-work members within their communities
  • Community and sports organizations
  • State or Federal Correctional Facilities working to prepare ex-offenders for re-entry into the workforce

If you are interested in learning more about group sales, please feel free to contact us at to learn more.